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Welcome to the new Vectorpunk website, take a journey through the new links and slideshows, hook up to the latest news feeds and follow Vectorpunk’s constantly evolving creative output.


Vectorpunk is an art and design service offered by Sydney based artist and designer Peter Strong. From one off artworks to screen printed clothing, workshops, event and digital design the world of Vectorpunk is never static. Keep an eye on upcoming events and subscribe to the monthly newsletter.There is a new online shop where you can buy limited edition prints, light boxes and works on canvas.

Here’s a brief breakdown of Vectorpunk’s main activities.

  • Design and produce original light boxes, graphics, artworks and interiors for venues, homes, clubs and cafes.
  • Offer a screen printing service concentrating on garment and fabric printing under the name Splatdash Printing.
  • Design and produce themed design projects for specific needs.
  • Run workshops in screen printing, music and stencil art for people of all ages.
  • Produce music and promotional videos.

Vectorpunk designs draw inspiration from many places. They can be very simple or a complex  forest of juxtaposed imagery and styles.  The more layered works are a fusion of social justice, street art and tribal motives blended together and over-layered in a similar way that tags, stencils, graffiti art and posters on the street to layered one of top of another. The lane ways of Newtown and Enmore as well as central Melbourne in Australia are a major inspiration.

‘The way different street artists fuse and overlay their work with their different styles makes a visual party on the wall and a community in communication with itself.’

My visual style is characterised by a mix of painting and screen-printing and stencil art applied either onto canvas or acetate panels that go on to become 3d light boxes and lanterns. I more recently employed my ‘back lit’ art on a makeover of the Zanzibar hotel in central Newtown, several cafes and bars and a total interior and exterior job at the Rodizio restaurant in Cronulla which incorporates stencil and screen printed murals on back lit acetate and on panels and outside awning and surrounds. (See interiors)

Vectorpunk also offers a screen printing and design service for a growing number of clients as well as web, graphic design, animation and video production services.


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