Babylon Crash

bc-headerI fought the Porsche and the Porsche far…

Babylon Crash is an exhibition, art project and somewhat bitter dig at needless luxury and an attempt to fight it’s economic attack on my already fragile financial stability with art. A huge $12,500 debt is owed for a tiny ding and smashed rear light as my stencil covered Toyota rust bucket gently came into contact with the back of a $78,000 Porsche.

Porsche horse of doom
(screen print on paper available on the night )


Apocalyptic horse-like ( you had to be there ) it was cruising down King street in 2013 when its sudden lack of motion without warning caused the accident. As the vehicle colliding from the rear the liability falls in my lap. This is $10,000 worth of damage to a luxury car My late stencil covered 1984 land cruiser rust bucket For one night only on Thursday 16^th July at the Trolly’d Flight Club space in 14 Hutchinson St, St Peters I’ll be selling a back catalogue of Vectorpunk prints and paintings, stencil works and clothing as well a new range especially charged with angst and bitterness towards those who feel like they must parade their wealth around in the form of badly designed and needlessly expensive boring looking
luxury cars.


The attack of the Spider Car ( screen print on paper or Tee )


Come along to this show from 6 till 9pm and get raffle ticket, buy some art and help me throw some money at the ‘Wolf at the door’ lawyers and insurance company who harass me to pay this ridiculous damage bill. The show will also flow into the internet, where digital and screen print editions will be sold and delivered to help raise some fun and funds whilst lampooning the punishing auto luxury that has bitten me. Charlie McMahon will deliver a live didgeribone show on the night and D.J Franko will spin an electroswing set. Food and refreshments will be available.



Ceyenne Henge ( screen print on paper or Tee )

Revolutionary rumblings ebb and flow in the bubbling cauldron of the universal digital mind and on the streets. Neo-conservative corporate power brokers and politicians plot and plan to take all the resources and opportunity from the majority to build their police state ivory towers and gated hamlets but the people are getting restless and creative. A better, more sustainable shared vision is slowly coming into focus, the powers that be are attempting to scramble the signal but its coming through multiple channels and its de-central architecture makes it a mighty vision indeed. Over the years I have enjoyed being part of the Sydney Inner West co-created culture where people powered grassroots anarcho and socialist ideas have lead to many enjoyable scenarios and shared euphoric outcomes. Sometimes though contemplating all the negative of the unjust state of affairs and surviving in the modern world as a self employed artist can be draining and lead to a victim complex outlook so I’ve strived over the years to develop a parallel philosophy of letting go of the weight of worry of the worlds woes and just concentrating on enjoying life and surviving. Little by little I attempt to positively change the world I interact with. I am aware that I’m lucky to live a life that doesn’t involve daily dodging gunfire or scratching around for food or being hunted by an occupying police or military force or the many woes that are reality for the majority of the worlds population..



I’ll show you $1000 damage ( screen print on paper or Tee )

I work on my various projects with hope and feel blessed to have been able to invent, make art and co-create events in the Newtown area. These events, protests and community uprisings have fought back against the soulless gentrification and nanny state repression of free spirited conscious underground cultural progression in our neighbourhood. Details were swapped at the sordid scene of the accident on King street, Newtown and a few weeks later I get a bill for 10 grand, I challenge the quantum amount the the percentage of fault in the courts and 2 years later unable to afford any legal representation its become 12.5 grand. The judge admitted that with any other modest vehicle it would have been a lot less but because it was a luxury car this is what it costs. They replace the whole back end for a tiny ding and smashed light. I figured the only way I can deal with this without it sending me into an avalanche of bitterness is to make paying the enormous bill an art project, I’ll make some art to lampoon the luxury auto industry and Porsche in particular and sell it to raise money to throw at them laden with insults to their corrupt and wasteful smash repair and luxury car industry. What could possibly go wrong? Babylon Crash is an exhibition, art project and bitter dig at needless luxury. Come and check out the show or support the project online.

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