I was meaning to make better gates at home for a while. By autumn 2024 I had a bunch of bits and pieces sourced from the side of the road, old art projects and a few details from friends artwork I was gifted.

The gates prevent the cats from escaping and allow good access to the back for big event bump out and ins.

This sort of look could be applied to beer gardens, cafe and venue interiors and more.

The cat can’t get out

A mix of wood, old window frames, metal art objects have made the gates an interesting site to behold.

Up-cycling like this is satisfying as objects are saved from land fill and the look has a montage cut and paste style. So much urban architecture is boring and soulless, interesting objects create curiosity and provide a friendly ambience that makes the public feel less alienated. We need more art and creativity in public spaces.

Email me if you’re interested in commissioning this kind of work.

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