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Vectorpunk is a design and print studio based in Sydney’s Inner West at Tortuga Studios near the South end of Newtown at St Peters opposite Sydney Park. Come to Tortuga or get work done and sent anywhere in Australia. It is an art and design service offered by Sydney based artist and designer Peter Strong. It’s mainly a Screen Printing and Digital ( DTF ) printing on garment service, you can get your ideas easily made up into prints on a variety of garments from budget to ethical on Tee shirts, Hi Viz and work gear, Baseball hats, Hoodies and more .

The Digital DTF service is now well established, prices per print range from $6-$20 per unit, we can help you source shirts at wholesale prices from AS Colour, Sportage or RAMO wholesalers.

We also print on Baseball hats, full colour Digital prints to hats that we can source for you from AS colour and beyond.  


  • Is easy to get to in Sydney’s Inner West just opposite Sydney Park at the end of King St, St Peters.
  • Get all your Screen Print or DTF dIgital jobs done in a friendly environment
  • Witness your art and design projects come to life


  • Active since late 90’s in Sydney
  • No job too big or small
  • Organic inks

Contact Vectorpunk

for a free consultation and quote

[email protected] 0418449707

From print edition and multimedia artworks to screen printed clothing, workshops, event, and digital design the world of Vectorpunk is never static. 

Keep an eye on upcoming events and projects on the Vectorpunk Facebook page listed in my contacts. Scroll down to the Service and Portfolio page to dig deeper into the many services and diverse projects. 

Please contact us for free quotes and help to formulate ideas or project outcomes, from a screen printed business top to helping organise a large community event, Vectorpunk can handle it.. 

Vectorpunk DTF printed bassball hats
Vectorpunk DTF printed bassball hats

Explore the possibilities with Vectorpunk printing

Feel free to get in touch and get a free consultation and quote

  • Economic options
  • tactile finish
  • Screen Printing in a way is the vinyl record of the garment printing industry.
DTF print
DTF print
  • From file to any garment
  • Excellent washability
  • Vibrant and ultra detailed finish

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The positive connection globally for a conscious universal mind
The positive connection globally for a conscious universal mind

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